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  • Stories Wanted
    Do you have an extraordinary story that needs to be shared or know of someone doing amazing work with animals? Click here to contact our development team and the story could become the basis for our next film or art project.
  • The Heroes of K-9 Search & Rescue
    Project item
    Help Us Tell Blair’s Story:
    The Heroes of K-9 Search & Rescue

    Arts Unleashed is producing a documentary film chronicling the story of law enforcement search and rescue bloodhounds with a special focus on The Unsung K-9 Hero Project and K-9 Blair. Find Out More Here!

  • Volunteers Needed
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    Arts Unleashed is currently seeking volunteer artists such as graphic artists, designers, muscians, video production staff and others...
  • Reviews
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    Trying to find your next book to read or movie to watch? Take a look at our latest book and film reviews. Our Paws-On reviews will spell out whats hot and whats not while we review anything from the main-stream movie to the obscure documentary or publication.